The best writer's laptop

In a market where there are hundreds of different laptops for different consumers and different needs, what is the perfect one for a writer?

Well, it depends on many things, but since there's not enough time to discuss every little detail a good geek like me would like to undergo, here's what aBloodyWriter picked for you.

Dell XPS 13/15/17; this one is one of the best laptop money can buy right now. With lots of option to choose on the screen real estate this laptop cover just about everything you could need to be always ready to write.

Dell decision of going with a 16:10 and ultra slim bezels makes all the difference here for who wants to use this little power machine to finish a work or prepare the next article.

It excels in productivity and the battery life is pretty good for the whole thin & light family of XPS with an average that range from 8 to 12 hours, depending on the task.

The weight is incredibly fair considering how well this laptop can perform.

The new touchpad has enough surface area to make it perfectly comfortable and ergonomic to write with.

The keyboard is one of the best out there, and it will really make a big difference in a big writing session.

Almost everything is identical in all three the model (N.B. There're different possibilities of configuration) so we'll talk about the biggest differences a writer could care for each model

Differences in the family;

XPS 13

The 13" version is the top of the line for portability weighing under 1.3Kg (2.8 pounds)

and with a thickness of just about 15mm (0.6inches). The battery for this one is the top of the line arriving and a whopping 12:30 of use on battery-only.
It's the perfect match for writers always on the go who want to travel light and seek inspiration outdoor.
The poets' laptop: HERE

XPS 15
The 15" version is the best choice if you're looking for something with a larger screen real estate and you don't care having little more than half a Kg more in the backpack. The 15" in fact weighs 1.8Kg (4 pounds) for the basic version with less battery and a non-touch screen. Dell here went with a FullHD for the lighter version and 4k touchscreen for the heavier one. The battery life on this model in particular is not as bright with just a little over 8 hours.
Easy choice for whom wants a great screen with the maximum productivity he can squeeze out of his machine at any time. For the writers who find inspiration in café and diners.
The novelists' laptop: HERE

XPS 17
The 17" model is a 2020 addition on top of the old line. Dell gave a great opportunity to writers all over the world with this laptop. The huge screen real estate with infinity edge technology makes up for the weight that starts at over 2Kg (4.65 pounds) and could end up at over 2.5Kg (5.5 pounds). It is also thicker compared to the other two models, but the battery life can go up to 9 hours, which is good.
It is not a laptop for any writer: this one is a symbol; it means you're committed to work on your text and you want to use any bit of screen for multitasking while writing.
The journalists' laptop: HERE

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