A worthy upgrade: Amazon Kindle Oasis

The Kindle Oasis is one of the best solutions out there for readers and writers too.
Everyone by now has heard about Kindles: there are plenty of versions for any need and almost anyone who’s ever owned a kindle felt in love with it. And almost everyone tried at first the Paperwhite, which has a great value for money and a solid quality overall.
Yet, while the Paperwhite - one of the most known, if not the most known - is great, it’s not flawless.
That’s where the Oasis comes in to fill up the gap: with a much more ergonomic design the Oasis has a better grip and it feels more steady in the hand and yet lighter compared to the Paperwhite, although being 6 grams more.
The adjustable warm light combined with the auto-adjusting light sensors and the auto-orientation of the page gives to the screen a big boost in comfort and snappiness when it comes to pop up the device and read. No more manual adjustments or whatever: you just take the device and you’re ready to go.
All these minor tweaks from the Kindle Paperwhite gives to the Oasis a much more comfortable feeling, but is it really worth spending $80  more for this version? Is this model capable of giving a better experience compared to the Paperwhite worth the trade?
Let’s have a look to a list of Pros and Cons


  • The 7-inches screen

The larger screen seems to be one of the best parts of this model: it has a comparable feeling if compared with a book’s paperback version and it does not disturb the reading flow as much as other solutions requiring to turn the pages less frequently.

  • Natural lighting

Thanks to the new illumination technology there’s no need anymore to find the perfect balance to read in any situation and the warm lighting gives a more natural sensation if compared with the icy white of other Kindles.

  • Loaded with Storage

This model has plenty of storage, and if you’re one of those who wants to bring an entire library with you wherever you are, this could be the main reason on why to choose Oasis. The capacity starts at 8GB and goes up to 32GB which, with a Kindle, means dozens of audiobooks and thousands of books.

  • Fast & Snappy

Each new generation of Kindle is faster than the previous one, and even this one stood up to the test. By now the general reactivity and the speed for changing pages are absolutely a problem of the past, if it ever was such a problem.


  • Screen contrast

Side by side with a 2012 Kindle Touch and a 2015 Voyage, in a test with lighting off, the new Oasis turns out to have the worst background of the three. Now that we’re all accustomed to OLEDs in smartphones and TVs, one would expect better blacks even in an ebook reader, or at least for the background white not getting worse. The lighting succeeds to compensate, nevertheless,  this could be a negative point.

  • Finishing and case

The thicker part is an excellent idea, it does help to have a more comfortable and ergonomic grip and it is slightly closer to reality to have a heavier side to hold, but the finishing of the device creates a slippery surface that gives problems from time to time and makes it compulsory to buy a case. There are always bundles for the Oasis and a case so no problem on finding one, but it is annoying to be bound to buy one more accessory to use the device properly. Plus, if you buy a case, once you flip it open, it flatten the back of the Oasis, removing the convenience of the thicker grip.


Despite some minor flaws, the Oasis is the best e-reader on the market right now. It’s as easy to use as the older versions and the tweaks made in this version remove a lot of micro-stress created from other Kindles.
If you’re looking for an e-reader, definitely opt for this one if you can spend a little more: it is worth it.
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