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A useful page where to find solutions and suggestions to writers' problems regarding tools, softwares and amenities. 
Because writing efficiently and comfortably is really important. 

But looking good, having style, is an absolute necessity.

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The best writer's laptop

If there's one thing that nowadays it's the most important asset in a writer toolset it is a laptop. Doesn't matter what you write or how you write it: most of the times you're going to use one for accomplish your goal. Getting the right one is a must

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A worthy upgrade: Amazon Kindle Oasis

We all know how important for writers is to read. No matter what, we'll always have the necessity to draw out from others. For inspiration only, of course. But in a world where speed and agility is one of the most important factor carrying books around could be not the best of the options. That's where the new Kindle Oasis comes in handy