The Laws


A page with rules and guidelines you absolutely need to write properly

Literary Devices

A list of the most important, the most used, or simply the most useful rhetorical figures you could use while writing.

The idiosyncrasies in the cult of "talent"

Creative writing is one of the hardest things to do. It is not physically demanding: a writer is not asked to lift weights. Still, writers are required to hold the weight of an entire world on their shoulders.
How’s that?

Rules of thumb and academic truths

Sometimes what we write it's lacking something. Sometimes it's bland and dull, and other times it's just not good.
This guide will help you trace the best practices to avoid any of those problems.
Because, sometimes, we only need to swallow our pride and follow guidance

Six points to improve your writing

There are things that one should never take for granted: like these 6 points that will help you improve your writing skills and take you to another level.

Back to Bloody Basics: punctuation

Using correct punctuation is mandatory when writing something. To give the reader the same mental images and the same feeling the writer feels while creating is essential.
A marvellous scene is such when everything sounds melodic and harmonious.

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