Self-publishing, but asked to indie authors: Interview with Nicolette Beebe & Stefanie Nici

Self-publishing is a great mean we all have to achieve our goals as writers. Most of the times it’s the plain easiest solution of the bunch and economically it can give a sound result, sometimes comparable to traditional methods if one makes the most out of it.

Is it really so, though? Does self-publishing work “automagically” and without trouble in the way?

Well, yes actually. Yes, it does work if you know how to make it works.

That is why aBloodyWriter wants to gift you a small glance into the life of two amazing self-published writers, to better understand how to make it work and shake off some of your fears. A glimpse into real-world facts and experiences is always helpful, isn’t it?

On the left Stefanie Nici & Nicolette Beebe on the right

Hi Nicolette, Hi Stefanie, thanks for giving aBloodyWriter some of your time to answer these questions. Much, much appreciated. This interview has the purpose to help other writers to find the needed courage to believe in themselves and in the possibilities of self-publishing. You two, amongst many other writers we all to love, are the proof that self-publishing for indie writers can be a great experience.

But without further ado, let’s talk something interesting:

Have you immediately decided to self-publish or did you consider traditional methods as well?

Nic: I did not immediately decide to self-publish. I was in the querying trenches seeking a literary agent for about three years. It was treacherous and a lot of hard work. But, I also learned a lot. At the time I was querying two other books of mine. However, when “Mar King” came along, I knew it was strong enough to hold its own without too much input. So I took a leap of faith and got my writing out there once and for all!

Stef: Ever since I learned self-publishing was an option, I knew I would take that route.

What was the main reason that made you decide to go on with self-publishing in the end?

Nic: I decided to go with self-publishing because “Mar King” and I were ready. That’s the simplest answer I have.

Stef: Self-publishing is faster than seeking out an agent or a publisher.

Were you scared of going self-published?

Nic: Terrified! I still am! It’s unknown territory, but I’m so lucky to have amazing support from many talented indie authors going through it with me.

Stef: No, I never feared self-publishing. I embraced it.

What are the main benefits you’ve experienced and/or still experiencing?

Nic: There are so many benefits to self-publishing. It has pushed me to learn things I wouldn’t have otherwise learned such as marketing, formatting, editing, cover design, etc. In addition, I have full control over everything about my novels.

Stef: I have control of my story and the rights. The royalties are higher with self-publishing.

How self-publishing is economically comparable to traditional methods?

Nic: As I have not been traditionally published yet, I don’t know how much that avenue would cost. I would assume less since there would be a team to work with you.

Stef: The financial side of self-publishing is all on the writer. Traditional pays for it all and in some cases give the writer an advance.

Do you think you would have had more “success” or visibility with other solutions?

Nic: I’m not sure about “success”, but I think the rate of which my novel would be in the hands of readers would be considerably higher if I were traditionally published.

Stef: Self Promo and marketing with self-publishing is a 24/7 responsibility for the writer. Traditional publishing frees the writer up to do what they love, which is to write. My book is being read so to me that is a success.

What are the main obstacles you’ve faced before going public? And after?

Nic: One obstacle that I faced before and after my novel went live was building an author platform on various social media. I had to learn the ins and outs which took a while, but I think I got it down!

Stef: Before publishing: I was concerned with finding an editor. Not every editor is for every writer and just because someone says they are an editor, doesn’t mean they are. Luckily a fellow writer recommended hers to me and it was a perfect fit. Finding a cover designer who could see my vision was harder. After a few interactions with various designers, I found “The One”. Afterwards, it was all about getting my book into the hands of readers.

Would you have some advice for a newbie who wants to self-publish?

Nic: My advice to a newbie who wants to self-publish would be to start building your author platform. Make a brand for yourself and take off running!

Stef: My advice is this - don’t do it all yourself. Send a few pages of your own work to multiple editors and see what comes back. Never feel obligated to stick it out with someone prior to contract. You are paying for a service, make sure you are comfortable and satisfied. It will show in your work. Find a cover designer whose work you admire. Covers are the first thing potential readers see. You will also be promoting and marketing your book so you want a well-done cover that stands out, and one that fits your story. Don’t settle.

If you could say one thing, only one, to the past yourself, what would it be?

Nic: If I could say one thing to my past self it would be to start your author platform earlier.

Stef: Don’t procrastinate.

Are you happy with the choice you’ve made?

Nic: I am very happy with my choice to self-publish. I do still have hope that someday I will be working with a literary agent and a publishing company, but I wouldn’t change how I got started because I’ve learned so much.

Stef: I am. I will be working on my third fiction book dealing with friendships, love and family. I will self-publish.

Thank you so much for the time you gave to the Bloody Community answering these questions, Nicolette and Stefanie!

You can find more about these amazing women, writers, authors and people here:

Website: Nicolette Beebe

Instagram: 33nbeebe

Twitter: 33nbeebe

Facebook: 33nbeebe

Instagram: stefanienici

Twitter: Stefanie Nici

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