On being a young writer in the 21st Century.

Being a writer sucks. It really does.

It is not something that helps you pay the bills at the end of the month unless you're one of the Big names out there. You have to bargain constantly with a publisher, and you must keep up with an ever-increasing competition. If you're a writer, you need to be always the best at describing that stupid little side scene where your papa eats a biscuit while staring at the screen of a tv streaming a football match. If you're a writer, you are obliged to be creative at all the time, even when you're in no mood for being creative.

Young writer, you need to know the jargon of everything and every accent and every naïve figure of speech. Being up to date is compulsory.

Young writers should be as polite and gentle in their wording as a 1800 classic, but contemporarily having a flair, light and liberatory as a teenager now. Young writers need to create scenes nobody has yet seen, which is almost impossible, while trying not to taking too much inspiration from the great of the past: because in that case you're just a failure who cannot even figure out how to be an individual with original ideas.

As if it were easy to not screw up and create a completely original text in a world full of people that just won't keep their mouth shout.

The more the noise, the more the grandiosity a writer must create.

And it's just putting pressure upon pressure on people who just cannot control every single thing: young writers cannot keep up at this pace. Nowadays, everyone is convinced that one can be a writer just because one writes something. Inspiration is taken for granted because: "with so much things out there you must be able to come up with something". Creativity is positioned on a pedestal so up high that we even built a myth around it, and now young writers need to live up to that standard.

Quantity is chosen over quality. Quality is betrayed for marketing. Marketing is selected over ideals.

Being a young writer sucks. It really does. Because there's no escape route from one of the deepest passion you could ever have, if you're a writer. There's no magic that can save you from all the stuff they're going to throw at you. And there's not a simple way to bypass all the crap you will have to endure while choosing this career.

It is, now more than ever, one of the bravest path you could take and if you really want to do this, you will cope with everything imaginable just to prove to everyone that, even if it sucks, you can thrive. And you will do this because of nothing but the love for this job.

Being a young writer sucks. It really is difficult to stand up. But if you already made it so far, why not going even further? We all know how much of an inspiration life can be. Maybe you'll find a way to see the beauty in this. Write about it.

Because even if being a young writer sucks, at the end of the day, that's who we really are. And we can manage the universe and shut it up until we've got a pen and some paper.

Angry and young BloodyWriter


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