1984 - George Orwell

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Secker & Warburg, London, UK

The story takes place in a dystopian reality in the year 1984.
Most of the nations have fallen into a perpetual war. The omnipresent government, the surveillance, the historical negationism, and propaganda subdue the society.
Great Britain, known as Airstrip One, is now a province of a totalitarian superstate: "Oceania" governed by the Party who use the Thought Police to persecute individuality and independent thinking.
The Big Brother, the leader of the Party, relishes an intense cult of personality, although he may not even exist.
Winston Smith, the protagonist, is a diligent and skilful rank-and-file worker and Party member who secretly hates the Party and dreams of rebellion. He enters a forbidden relationship with a colleague, Julia, and recalls what life was like before the Party came to power.

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